845 Motorsports ECU tune Auto Transmission


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ā€¸Please list your modifications and vin in the notes


Super stock: For those that just want to take better advantage of their current mods without going crazy. We adjust the parameters in the ecu to provide better drivability and more power however it retains stock boost levels.

Modded: For those who want the more out of their mods and to push even more power. We adjust all the same parameters as “Super stock” but also bump boost levels up as well to give an additional boost in power. (Front mount intercooler, full down pipe and intake recommended, must have new plugs (HKS m45xl recommended))

Custom: For those who want the most out of their car. We go back and forth to extra out more out of your car then the “modded” option but will require data logs and sending your ecu back and forth multiple times. (only recommended if local or if it is your second car due to needing to go more in depth with data logging)

Dyno: This goes all out, we put the car on our dyno and tweak it to get the most power possible out of your specific setup, you will receiving a power read out at the end of the session to see how much your car made before and after the tune. ( this is only available to local customers)


How to get tuned: If you already have a second ecu you can send us yours with no core charge select first option. If you only have one ecu but you want to get that tuned choose the second option. If you want us to tune a second ecu and send it to you choose the third option

If you would like to purchase the flash hardware to load the tune yourself so you have 0 down time and can go back and forth between tunes click the link below!:

OBD Flashing hardware

Additional information


Super Stock, Modded [100+], Custom [200+], DYNO [local only 350+]

How to get tuned

Tune mine [ local / don't need ecu swap], Tune mine [send loaner +250], Send me a second ecu [+400]


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