845 Motorsports Pops and Bangs only Tune



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This is specifically built for those who just want the hot boi sound without breaking the bank. This tune sets up your car with customized pops and bangs dialed in to your liking as well as a quick “clean up” of the stock tune to make sure everything is running smooth without commanding any extra power. So you might askĀ  what do I need to run it? Catless down pipes are highly recommended (only if dedicated race car) or a quality aftermarket spiral wound high flow cat at minimum are required as well as NGK 1422 or better (hks m40xl) plugs being this tune does not bump boost up m45xl are not required. This is only for the file you will either need to go to one of our dealers (may charge slightly for their time) or purchase the software listed at the bottom to flash. We do not provide extra ecus


If you would like to purchase the flash hardware to load the tune yourself and can go back and forth between tunes click the link below!:

KDM Flashing hardware 2013+ cars

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Veloster Turbo 2013-2017, Veloster Turbo 2019+, Veloster N [+100], Forte Turbo 2015-2017, Forte GT 2019+, Elantra Sport Turbo 2016-2018, Elantra Sport Turbo 2019+, G70 2.0 [+100]


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