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The rental program is only for those who are getting tuned through us. If you do not have our tune purchased in the same order or have another order number through us (put it in the notes) the order will be refunded. Unfortunately seeing as the fees only cover shipping / fees we cannot rent out to people getting tuned by someone else.. all reputable tuners that do remote tuning will rent you the hardware or direct you on how to get it.

*this is only for the hardware to load our tune on the car, this does not include a tune in the price*

please keep in mind these may ship directly from the manufacturer over in Russia and can take at least 2 weeks to arriveĀ 

The time has finally come where we can OBD flash Many KDM cars. (some of the newer cars; Veloster N, Stinger/ G70 need to open the ecu to unlock OBD flashing if you are not comfortable doing this please email us before hand and we can direct you to a way to get it unlocked first (these kits do include the extra hardware to interface with the ecu even if you do not choose to do it yourself as a fail safe of a way to recover the ecu if needed) :). Many of the other 2019+ cars require direct interfacing to the ECU pins (this can be done without opening the ecu) these kits include extra hardware to interface with the ecu). This hardware will utilize 2 USB ports on your computer (one for the cable to connect to your car and one for the usb that holds the software to read and write your ecu) that interface with your car so you can load a tune from your laptop (must use windows 7 or higher laptop).

Looking to be able to flash back and forth whenever you want? Looking to get into tuning yourself? Or just want to be able to dial in your car easier with one of our tunes.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
Car options

Veloster Turbo 2013-2017, Veloster Turbo 2019+ [+200], Veloster N [+ 200], Forte Turbo 2015-2017, Forte GT 2019+ [+200], Elantra Sport Turbo 2016-2018, Elantra Sport Turbo 2019+ [+200], Stinger / G70 2.0 [+ 200], Stinger / G70 3.3tt [+ 200]

Keep or send back

Keeping, Sending back after flashed [ 350$ will be returned once all hardware is returned in working order]


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