Pierce Motorsports 2012-2015 Hyundai Veloster Piercemotorsports Rear Torsion Bar




The Veloster is known for having a “nervous” rear end/suspension.  Due to Hyundai using the twist beam back there every single time the rear tires hit a bump it literally knocks the rear out of alignment causing “bump steer” which unsettles the car resulting in a skating feeling.  The Piercemotorsports rear torsion drastically reduces the rear toe change/bumpsteer by effectively adding support to the twist beam.  The torsion bar acts similar to a “swaybar” helping control body roll, but more than that reduces the nervousness giving the Veloster a more confident feel and much more cornering ability during spirited/competitive drives.  We’ve tuned the bar diameter/rate to match perfectly with our complete line of suspension braces and products.  The bar is for both daily drivers and autocross/track cars alike and will compliment nearly all quality suspension setups!  Installation is very simple and requires normal handtools/takes about 20 minutes.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery


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