Veloster N Carbon Fiber 4″ intake (coming soon)



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As the saying goes .. go big or go home, we prefer to go big, so we took our Veloster N intake to the next level. After doing some testing on the N we noticed that while 4″ intakes do give the most power however there’s one thing that plagues the intakes existence… heat, aluminum intakes hold the engine bay heat BIG time so much so that it’s uncomfortable to touch. No heat shield or in fender filter placement will fix this so we got to thinking whats the best way we can fix this issue? CARBON FRICKEN FIBER, it wont hold heat.. it’ll be super lightweight and best of all it look killer when you pop your hood. It’ll be utilizing a dry 6″ long filter 4″ carbon fiber 1 piece tube and optional air box for the best possible setup you can get for the price.

Pricing is estimated and will be finalized soon but we expect to keep it around this price

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