Veloster N “Thiccboi” Turbo inlet




Dedicated to bringing you the best quality parts at a reasonable price. We’ve spend hours upon hours slaving over a computer working to get this done and bring to you our lower turbo inlet.. Designed to work with 4″ intakes it’s the biggest and baddest mamajama out there we so lovingly dubbed  “thicc boi” . Our inlet ends where the stock inlet does so any 4″ intake that works with stock will work with this with just a change in coupler 🙂 no need to have to have all our stuff if you already have another brands 4″.


When creating the inlet our first priorities were smooth transitions/ high flowing as well as keeping all the stock mounting points. As well as ease of install, you’ll notice we have recesses on the inlet to allow better clearance for getting a socket extension in there (because lets be real who wants to be all excited about their brand new part only to curse and swear because they made install even harder then it needs to be. We’ve also integrated a shoulder as a “stopper” for sliding the coupler on so you don’t have to wonder how far to push it on, you just push it to the shoulder and go!:)

Want maximum flow and maximum effort? This inlet was designed with our 4″ carbon intake in mind which also uses smooth radius bends and no 90* so to make air easier to get into the turbo so you can go fast with an absolute no compromise setup 🙂


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