2013-2016 Piercemotorsports Subaru BRZ Scion FRS Front Strut Brace

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The Piercemotorsports upper chassis brace ties together the front towers providing extra rigidity to the chassis which improves handling and most importantly steering feel/input for the driver.  Having the towers tied together reduces tower deflection which reduces toe change giving the driver an improved steering wheel feel/response and ultimately more grip!  By using chromoly instead of mild carbon steel or aluminum we’ve been able to create a much more rigid platform with reduced weight.  Chromoly being nearly 3 times more rigid than low grade carbon steel and 10x stronger than aluminum allows us to use a much thinner wall with superior results!  The bars come ready to bolt on with new hardware!  Bars come coated in anthracite but can be painted any color for a small fee!  All of our products are built using laser cut 4130 chromoly pcs and assembled in here here in California and test fit on an actual chassis before being shipped!  We’ve got years of testing and development in our products and we’re excited to share them with the community!


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