2013-2015 Subaru BRZ/Scion FRS Crossdrilled and Slotted Brake Rotors

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Customers always ask, what is the advantage of drilled and or slotted brakeĀ rotors over stock plain brake rotors? The advantage of slots is that it dramatically improves stopping power. Each brake discĀ is machined with five slots per side that extend off the edge of the rotor surface to remove dust and water away from the brake pad surface keeping the vehicle wheels cleaner and allowing for better braking. Additional benefit of the slots is the way it cools the brake pad and rotor surface eliminating brake fade or loss of braking ability. Second most commonly asked question is, what do the holes do? The advantage of the drilled holes is to allow heat that has built up between the rotor and brake pad surface to dissipate when your vehicle has been driven for long periods of time.This dissipation of heat will help prevent rotor warping and extend the life of your brake rotor. There are two types of holes that are offered on performance rotors, dimpled drilled and cross drilled. The dimpled holes are drilled without braking the pad surface which allows for heat dissipation while keeping the rotors structurally strong for vehicle’s that are heavier or have inherit problems with warping rotors. Cross drilled holes are completely drilled through both disc surfaces allowing air to pass through and heat to dissipate. This drilling process is commonly used on rotors installed on light to medium duty vehicles including high performance vehicles. The substantial improvement in braking you will feel and the warranty that is included with every performance drilled and slotted brake rotor, is worth the upgrade over stock replacement rotors.


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