MBRP Veloster Turbo catback 13-17


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We offer all three material options.

There is the economical Aluminized piping. This option is the best value but will not hold up in the Midwest (or rainy/west) climates over time. If you plan on keeping the car for over 5-7 years in the midwest, you might want to think about the stainless options.

We also offer both Stainless options. There is 409 stainless, which is personally the best value. Over time, you may see some surface rust on the exhaust but nothing structurally damaging. This material will be great in all climates. The 304 stainless will always look great and hold up structurally over time.

It really comes down to your budget. Either way, you get a great sounding and performing exhaust at a super value!

All three versions of the exhaust come WITH the Pro tips to replace the factory fake exhaust tips.

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Aluminized, 409 Stainless [+120], 304 Stainless [+205]


Lower 48, Canada [+75], Hawaii/ Alaska/PR [+100]


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