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Got a tune/ piggyback and your having cutting / sputtering at peak torque thats over 350 wtrq or reverting back to stock map on your piggyback from a safety feature? Are you data logging and noticing some scary fuel pressure drops from 2900 psi it should be making down to sub 2k. Well this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, an affordable HPFP upgrade for the Veloster N. Utilizing a pump off of another hyundai car it allows you to push your N to all the power you could want without worrying about the HPFP being the weak point. This has been tested into the high 300 and low 400 without issues with no meth injection needed. Best of all what it means for you it’s not $1000 out of your pocket! No core charges.. No tune needed.. just drop in.. prime.. and go!

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