Genesis Headers for Turbo Kit




They are finally here! Custom headers exclusively for the Genesis V6 Single Turbo Kit. Constructed from 1.5″ schedule 10, 304 stainless steel, the thick wall design will virtually eliminate cracking issues. We use 1/2″ flanges that are TIG welded and back purged to prevent crystallization, which can hinder flow and cause a weak joint. By using a true merge collector, quicker spool-up, more low end torque, increased mid-range, and top-end horsepower is achieved. These manifolds combined with the Single Turbo Kit for the Genesis 3.8L can build an additional 30 ft./lbs. of torque at the wheels (above and beyond the already huge gains from the turbo)! These headers are also an excellent choice for normally aspirated applications.

Stock CATTED Manifolds – 274 CFM @ 4.04 PSI of Back Pressure Headers – 458 CFM @ 2.96 PSI of Back Pressure
That is an amazing 65% gain in flow and a 35% reduction in back pressure!!!

Now Available with Burns Stainless Merge Collector!

Additional information

Generation of Gen

BK 1, BK 2

Burns Collector upgrade

No, Yes [+695]

Thermal Coating

No, Yes [+495]


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